Our namesake the Red Squirrel is known for keeping a cache of good stuff!

Red Squirrel Store offers practical products of intrinsic beauty and mainly natural materials - things to treasure over time and always have to hand, even when travelling - part of your personal kit to feel confident and comfortable.

We are for globally-minded women who like things around them to be both lovely and useful, and who may want to share us as a gift.

Red Squirrel Store is really a lifestyle store. We want to be synonymous with classic, ageless, long lasting, quality, tried-and-tested, special finds. Initially based around a small range of mainly timeless fashion, we look forward to building our offer and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch or join with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Founded by Elspeth Dilley in London, the Red Squirrel Store aesthetic comes from Elspeth’s over 20 years’ experience of buying, sales management and business development with design brands and retailers in the UK, Japan, and worldwide.

We hope you will find something wonderful.