Leather Essentials Zip Purse Midnight Blue

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Quality leather flat purse for daily essentials - make-up, pens, tickets, receipts, currencies, jewellery, electrical chargers... You may want to have a few on the go.

Red Squirrel Store found a rugged natural dyed leather with a soft waxy finish in tones to go with anything. As the leather gradually buffs and increases in character you will love your simple purse which doubles up as a leather cosmetics bag

Size 19 x 13cm is big enough for pens, make-up pencils, passport etc. Because the leather is quite thick the purse is unlined.

Made in the UK

Recommended cleaning is with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth, lightly with a quality leather cleaning cream if you prefer. Don't use household cleaners which destroy surface finish or penetrate the leather.

Ssh: Entirely at one's own risk, this Red Squirrel has been known to occasionally very lightly spray the inside with a mild antiseptic and allow to dry when using as a make-up bag over time. Please don't blame us if you over do it!


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