Handknit Baby Alpaca Bandeau Headband Dark Blue

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Pure baby alpaca bandeau-style headband keeps ears and whole head very warm - stylishly. Handy for popping on even with smart outerwear such as a camel or dark coat.

Alpaca has fine hollow fibres and is reputed to be up to four times warmer than wool. The baby alpaca yarn we knit is super-soft and pleasingly chunky.

There are a few ways to wear. For flattering, oval face-framing, ballerina-style effect, wear with the single twist up at centre front and the band sloped downward and fanned out widthwise covering your ears and back of head or, simply, plonk horizontally over the hair '70s-80s tennis-player style!

Tip: For the most flattering look keep a little bit of hair showing between brow and headband.

Offered in four beautiful colours

Comes with small cotton drawstring bag to keep as a handy pocket hat. The bag turns the bandeau into an extra attractive gift.

One size fits most women's heads. Approximately 44-46cm band stretches to fit at least 52cm head size. Alpaca has a tendency to 'grow' rather than shrink. Your headband is likely to become a bit looser over time so don't stretch lengthwise recklessly!

Handknitted in the UK

Handwash cool with a gentle wool-friendly detergent only and without rubbing or stretching