Handknit Mohair Cloud Hat Dark Charcoal Grey

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  • £45.00

The hand knit Mohair Cloud Hat has become a Red Squirrel Store classic. A flattering and effective travel companion, it looks great on with it's slightly fluffy halo effect, is very cosy and yet weighs less than 20g / 1oz. Sometimes you may forget you're wearing it it's so soft and light. We suggest wearing pulled on fully so as to cover the ears.

Comes in a small cotton bag so it's easy to keep safe in your pocket or handbag ready to wear at a moment's notice.

Offered in beautiful melange shades.

One size fits most and can suit men as well as women.

The yarn is a wonderful technical blend of 42% mohair (fluffy heat-trapping character), 33% virgin merino wool (softness with body), and 25% polyamide (keeping shape and good life-span).

Care: hand wash gently in hand-hot water using mild detergent for delicates or specialist wool wash - dont be tempted to wash this one in a washing machine even on a wool cycle. Squeeze out excess water by rolling in a clean towel and dry flat away from direct heat.

Tip: For maximum fluffiness and warmth you may want to brush up the surface lightly with a short bristle brush occasionally. If you feel your hat has flattened or slightly stretched after a while, the washing process and light brushing brings it back to peak condition.

Handmade in the UK