Cross-over Scarf Knitting Kit

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  • £28.00

Red Squirrel Store's first ever knitting kit so you can enjoy making your own versatile scarf, perfectly in keeping with our portability theme.

Cosy cross-over small scarf with oval leaf shape tips. Woolly and nubbly hand-knit, we think it looks like a bow when laid flat.

For recent beginners to experienced knitters. New knitters learn new skills and interesting for experienced knitters too.

Knits quickly with chunky yarn on large diameter needles.

Uses Garter stitch plus symmetrical shaping and cable twists.

In the kit:

Chunky Yarn

Bamboo needles

Sewing needle for knitters

Making Instructions

Cotton drawstring project bag

The yarn used this season is 90% wool, 10% acrylic

Gentle hand wash with mild wool detergent and dry flat