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Red Squirrel Store

Kanoko Shibori Silk Scrunchie - various colours

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Red Squirrel Store's silk hair scrunchie made from vintage (sometimes mint condition unused vintage) Japanese silk. Of course, silk is gentle on the hair. Kanoko shibori is the very finely made thread-bound type of tie-die where the pattern resembles the markings of a spotted fawn, often applied, as here, to what is already a lovely medium weight jacquard woven silk fabric.  It took us a while to come round to the idea of fabric scrunchies being back in style, but deer-spot patterned Japanese silk is irresistible.

Medium strength elastic scrunchie - neither too soft or too firm. Diameter approx. 12cm laid flat.

Available in various colours from time to time

Handmade in the UK from Japanese silk

Spot clean or sponge where or when necessary. We don't advise washing by immersion in water as some of the characteristic fabric crinkle texture will be reduced.