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Mini Hot Water Bottle & Cover Grey

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Lovely little 500ml capacity rubber hot water bottle with hand knit merino wool and alpaca blend cover. Small enough to bring in your travel bag. Big enough to be one of those small things that makes quite a difference. As with all our products makes a great gift.

Available in various cover colours.

This is a mini size bottle for up to half a litre of water. We think it's a handy hottie not too heavy for travel. Imagine arriving in a chilly hotel room without a kettle, you could even fill the bottle from the basin hot tap and use to help warm the bed or use as a hand-warmer on a winter journey or... simply on the sofa at home.

Bottle conforms to British Standard BS1970:2012. Please follow usage instructions moulded into the neck of the bottle.

Cover hand knitted for Red Squirrel Store in the UK.

Bottle: rubber with rubber and plastic stopper.

Cover: 65% merino wool, 30% Alpaca, 5% Polyamide

To wash cover, remove it and either hand or wool-cycle machine wash using mild detergent suitable for wool. No bleach. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat.

Hot Water Bottle Safety

When filling, use hot but not actually boiling water from a kettle. Allow kettle to cool slightly, then fill bottle. Fill to maximum two-thirds capacity. Hold bottle upright by bottle neck and fill slowly to avoid hot water splashing back. Expel air from bottle by lowering it carefully onto a flat surface until water appears at the opening. Screw the stopper sufficiently tight to ensure no leakage.

Do not fill directly from domestic hot tap as this can shorten life of the hot water bottle. Do not lie, sit, or put pressure on the bottle.  Prevent contact with hot surfaces or with oil or grease.

When not in use, keep empty bottle with stopper removed in a cool dry and dark place.  Avoid exposure to sunlight.  Do not store with items on top of the bottle. Check bottle and stopper for wear or damage from time to time.