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Peacock Hairpin

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Long prong horn hairpin ornaments the hair beautifully and showcases the natural material. Reminiscent of a fanned peacock tail or cockade with the end showing in the hair. Great for chignon hair styles and pegging buns. Ideal to have in one's bag ready to use.

Suits mid-long length hair. Supports quite thick hair.

13-14cm x 2.5-3cm approx.

Note each piece is individually handmade from natural materials - shading and dimensions vary.  Colouring ranges from transparent amber (mainly shown in photos) to opaque light and dark. Sometimes we may receive a chunkier or finer batch. 

Beautifully carved and polished from water buffalo horn in Vietnam. We are assured horn source is from traditionally well treated family farm buffalo.

Horn is an eco-friendly and quite resilient natural material. Hair accessories should be long-lasting if treated with care.

Tip: Never force pins too hard, better to loosen/re-adjust hair if seems to be straining.

Don't leave in water (though a little rain or bathroom steam is fine).

With all hair pins and hair-sticks try not to accidentally jab anyone in the eye!